A malfunction caused four ATMs at Sydney’s Star Casino to hand out over $3.2million in free cash to those in the know over a two-week period.

Word quickly spread among gamblers, 유로247 criminals and even homeless people that cash was being dispensed freely from the ‘ticket in, cash out’ machines – with 43 people taking advantage of the bonanza.

In total the machines dispensed $3,219,420 over 13 days. 

A software glitch occurred in machines that pay out tickets with barcodes showing  gambling winnings.

Gamblers discovered if they fed in more than one ticket, all of them would be paid out but only a single docket would be kept by the machine. The others were spat back out, allowing them to be redeemed multiple times. 

An inquiry has heard how a malfunction caused four ATMs at The Star casino in Sydney to hand out free cash

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